1127, Bom Rakpart, Budapest, Hungary

About Us

About Us

  • Company :Rex Pharma
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  • Location :1127, Bom Rakpart, Budapest, Hungary

About Rex Pharma

Rexpharma is a privately owned independent pharmaceutical company based in Miskolc, Hungary with more than 15 years of know-how and experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our company is one of the fastest growing branded medicine, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical manufacturers in Hungary. We develop and produce our products with the latest technology and keeping strict to WHO’s updated standards for good production practices and good laboratory practices.

Rexpharma successfully operates in branded generics, OTC and herbal medicines, food supplements and cosmetics with over 100 products covering various therapeutic classes including; Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Urology and Dermatology.

With our expert staff, the Research & Development Team produces innovative and timely solutions for the needs of the modern medicine, paying special attention to modern therapies.


We believe that our understanding of quality is reflected not only on what we produce but also on our managers, employees and the culture of the whole company. Furthermore, we aim to make our whole staff adopt quality as their lifestyle.


We perform all of our activities, business processes and relations within ethical norms.We are proud to be going on our development with our staff who adopt our understanding of ethics.


We also believe that being trustworthy is the most fundamental and crucial requirement. We attach great importance to establishing relations based on trust with our employees, other people and corporations.

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