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Coenzyme Q10 Injection

Product Name : Coenzyme Q10 Injection

Specification : Ubidecarenone (Coenyme Q10 ) 5mg/2ml

Function : Antioxidant, Skin Whitening, Pale Spot, Repair And Improve Skin Texture, Anti Aging

Package : 5 Ampoules Per Tray Per Box

Usage : IV Or IM

Dosage and Administration : 5 to 10 mg Per Day Via Intramascular Injection Or Slow Intravenous Injection For 2 to 4 Weeks As A Course Of Treatment. Intravenous Injection Should Be Slow To Avoid Dizziness, Head Bilges, Chest Tightness, And Low Blood Pressure.

Shelf Life : 36 Months

Storage : Do Not Store Above 25°C. Store In The Original Container Or Package In Order To Protect From Light
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EFFECTS of Coenzyme Q10

1. Antioxidant. The injection could protect cells against the damage of free radical, restrain the peroxidation of the skin lipid, revitalizing and moisturizing the skin.

2. Skin whitening, pale spot, repair and improve skin texture. The injection could inhibit oxidation of the cell effectively and improve facial acne and spots, reduce pigmentation, making the whole body skin white touched with red and restore the elasticity.

3. Anti-Aging. The injection could scavenge oxygen free radicals effectively, promote the metabolism of skin and the formation of collagen, delay skin aging, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, repair damaged tissue, smooth and fade wrinkles, eliminate the skin tension caused by aging, lack of nutrition, illumination and disease.
Ubidecarenone Injection is more effective than the Oral Preparation of Coenzyme Q10