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Thioctic Acid Injection

Product Name : Cindelle Thioctic Acid Injection

Specification : Thioctic Acid 25mg/5ml

Function : Anti-Oxidation, Skin Whitening, Anti-Obesity Effects

Package : 5 Ampoules Per Tray Per Box

Usage : IV And Better Effect Use Together With Glutathione

Warning : Should Not Be Used By Pregnant Or Lactating Women. Vitamin B1 Could Be Absorbed Pretty Low So Extra Dose Is Highly Recommended. Side-Effects Almost Never Occur Yet Skin Rash May Appear Very Slightly.

Shelf Life : 36 Months

Storage : Do Not Store Above 25°C. Store In The Original Container Or Package In Order To Protect From Light
  • Description


- Anti-obesity Effects
- Heal edema and cold constitution
- Reduce fatty liver
- Appetite suppressant Effects
- Anti-Oxidation
- Increase glutathione production
- Cure chronic fatigue
- Detoxification effects on heavy metals
- Skin Improvements
- Whitening effects
- Elasticity improvements
- Flawless skin tone

2. Thioctic acid injection

- Restrain Protein Saccharification
This injection suppresses proteins when they convert into sugar and become toxic substances which block capillary.

-Increase in Antioxidant activity
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is endogenous to our cells, however it is only made in limited quantities and this supply decreases as we age. Dietary supplementation is crucial to maximize its effect on our health, especially as we age.


This product is administered by intravenously in approximately 30 minutes.
Recommend dosage:
Once a week , 10 times for a course of treatment.
Maintenance course: Once in 2 weeks – Once in a month


Daily activity is possible right after procedure
Recovery Period could be different based on individual condition.